About Anna

Marrying at the age of nineteen, Anna Wozniak found herself in an often difficult, tumultuous marriage. In the face of their struggles she turned to her faith, even if it was asking God for a way out. Thus began Anna’s journey for truth in the area of marriage struggles. Throughout this journey, Anna often found herself in a front row seat to the trials and victories of other marriages as well. Over time she made peace with some big questions about marriage.

However, her love for people took precedence again when she couldn’t help but notice how many others were struggling with the same questions.

Having begun writing somewhat by accident when some trip updates were passed around by strangers and a letter she wrote wound up being published, it was only a matter of time before Anna’s passions for God’s truth and love of writing combined. Marriage Restored is the result.

Marriage Restored won honourable mention among nearly two hundred entries in the 2013 Writing Contest held by Word Alive Press. Anna’s writing is known for its boldness, compassion, and unexpected moments of humor.

Anna stays young by volunteering as a youth leader with the amazing Nine20 Youth Group in London, Ontario. She enjoys making a home in rural Ontario with Aaron, her lifelong love and husband of nineteen years. Together, they have four amazing children and too many animals.

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